Discover mouthwatering details on 18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies – made with secret family recipes for 18 years. This article explores Tiana’s insanely delicious flavors, baking process, and why customers rave about these fresh, chewy cookies.

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies are scrumptious freshly baked treats that will delight your taste buds. This article explores the delicious flavors and textures that have made 18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies a beloved brand. Read on to learn about these mouthwatering cookies.

An Introduction to Tiana’s Sweet Fresh Cookies

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies opened its doors 18 years ago in a small town, baking up fresh, chewy, soft cookies daily. Tiana used her grandmother’s secret recipes to create cookies with bold, vibrant flavors and quality ingredients. The cookies were an instant hit and it wasn’t long before Tiana’s business grew. Now, 18 years later, Tiana’s cookies are shipped nationwide for cookie lovers everywhere to enjoy.

What Makes Tiana’s Cookies So Fresh and Delicious

There are several factors that make Tiana’s cookies stand out from other brands on the market:

Quality Ingredients

Tiana only uses the best ingredients when baking her cookies – real butter, pure vanilla extract, high-quality chocolate chips, and more. She avoids artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Secret Family Recipes

The unique, decadent flavors come from Tiana’s grandma’s recipes. These recipes have been passed down through generations and are carefully perfected. Tiana stays true to the original recipes but sometimes adds her own twist.

Baked Fresh Daily

No pre-made cookie dough here! All of Tiana’s cookies are baked fresh each morning in small batches to deliver the very best taste and texture.

Creative Flavor Combinations

From salted caramel to s’mores to peanut butter cups, Tiana dreams up fun, unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else. She’s always experimenting to offer cookie lovers new tastes.

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

Premium Packaging

The cookies are carefully packaged in heat-sealed bags to lock in softness and freshness. This ensures they arrive at your doorstep tasting like they just came out of the oven.

Spotlight: 18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

Here is the inside scoop on some of Tiana’s most popular cookie flavors that have been customer favorites for 18 years and counting:

Chocolate Chunk

Chunks of rich, velvety chocolate nestled into a chewy, buttery cookie – what’s not to love? Each bite delivers a hit of chocolatey goodness.

Peanut Butter Bliss

Creamy peanut butter and chewy oats are blended into the cookie dough for a delightful texture. These cookies are drizzled with silky peanut butter for even more nutty flavor.


Cinnamon sugar coats the outside of these freshly baked cookies for a crunchy exterior and warm, spiced interior. The classic Snickerdoodle flavor never goes out of style.

Salted Caramel Delight

These cookies feature a gooey caramel center with flakes of sea salt sprinkled on top. The combination of sweet caramel and savory salt is sheer bliss.

Lemon Burst

A sugar cookie packed with tangy lemon and zesty citrus flavors. A light lemon glaze adds the perfect finishing touch.

Cappuccino Chip

Chocolate chip cookies with an extra shot of espresso. The blend of chocolate, coffee, and cookie dough will energize your day.

Oatmeal Raisin

Old-fashioned oats, plump raisins, and aromatic cinnamon make this cookie a comforting classic. The oats add great texture.

Behind the Scenes: How Tiana’s Cookies Are Made

Many wonder about the process of how these prized cookies go from raw ingredients to freshly sealed bags. Here is an inside look:

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

Step 1: Measuring and Mixing

Tiana starts her day early, measuring out ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, and extracts into commercial mixing bowls. The ingredients differ based on the recipe but are always precisely measured.

Step 2: Blending the Dough

The ingredients are mixed and blended into smooth, uniform cookie dough. Tiana uses commercial mixers to thoroughly incorporate the ingredients while keeping the batches small.

Step 3: Portioning

The dough is portioned out onto baking sheets using ice cream scoops for uniform sizing. Tiana spaces them out evenly to allow for spreading.

Step 4: Baking

The baking sheets go into large ovens to bake the cookies to perfection. Tiana meticulously tracks bake times to get the ideal texture.

Step 5: Cooling and Finishing Touches

Once baked, the trays cool briefly before any finishing touches like drizzles or sprinkles are added. Cooling ensures the cookies retain their shape.

Step 6: Packaging

The completely cooled cookies are placed into packaging where they lock in freshness. Heat sealing the bags keeps the cookies soft and moist.

Step 7: Shipping Out Daily

Orders are taken online and by phone every morning. The cookies are shipped out in insulated boxes to reach doorsteps nationwide fresh.

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

Fun Facts About Tiana’s 18 Year Old Cookies

Over nearly two decades in business, Tiana’s Cookies have made quite a mark. Here are some interesting facts about this booming brand:

  • Tiana started out baking just 5 dozen cookies daily in her home kitchen. Now the commercial bakery produces over 15,000 cookies per day!
  • Chocolate Chunk is the undisputed #1 best-selling cookie, followed by Peanut Butter Bliss.
  • Tiana has created over 100 unique cookie flavors over the years but usually offers around 20 varieties at a time.
  • Customers can buy the cookie dough to bake fresh cookies at home. The dough is only sold at Tiana’s bakery storefront.
  • Tiana’s cookies have been featured on several popular cooking shows on the Food Network over the years.
  • You can have Tiana’s cookies specially decorated into fun shapes for holidays and events.
  • Tiana ships internationally, bringing her cookies to over 15 different countries so far.

Why Customers Love Tiana’s Cookies

Tiana’s cookies have earned quite a loyal following over 18 years. Here’s what customers rave about:

  • They always arrive fresh – never stale or crumbly. Customers love biting into a perfectly soft cookie every time.
  • The flavors are bold, decadent, and irresistible. Tiana has a knack for cookie innovation and uniqueness.
  • Customers feel good about eating Tiana’s cookies because they are made with quality, wholesome ingredients. No junk.
  • The generous cookie sizes give you a lot of bang for your buck. Customers say these are the best bang-for-your-buck baking.
  • Customers love the large variety of flavors so there’s always something new to try. The unique flavors cater to any palate.
  • Tiana’s has excellent customer service and fast shipping. Customers rave about the care taken with their orders.

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18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

How To Order Your Own Tiana’s Cookies

After reading about these mouthwatering cookies, you’re probably eager to get your hands on some! Here is how to order cookies for yourself and your loved ones:

Order Online

The easiest way to order is through the Tiana’s Cookies website. Build a box of assorted cookies or stock up on your favorites.

By Phone

Call 1-800-555-COOKIES between 7 am – 7 pm PST to speak with a cookie expert about creating your customized order.

Tiana’s Bakery Storefront

Visit Tiana’s flagship bakery at 123 Cookie Lane to shop in person and tour the kitchens. Choose from daily cookie selections.

Nationwide Shipping

Tiana’s ships are everywhere in the US, as well as internationally. Order by 9 am PST for same-day shipping. Overnight and 2-day shipping are also available.


Set up a weekly or monthly cookie subscription so fresh cookies arrive regularly at your door. Modify and pause the subscriptions at any time.


Gift someone cookies by adding a gift note and shipping directly to them. Or send eGift cards they can use to build their own perfect box.

18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies
18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies

Final Words

For 18 delightful years, 18 Year Old Tianas Sweet Fresh Cookies have been making people smile with their warm, chewy goodness. There’s simply nothing better than biting into these blissfully soft cookies packed with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or caramel – the possibilities are endless. With quality ingredients and insane flavors, it’s easy to see why generations of happy customers keep coming back for more. Visit Tiana’s website today to satisfy all your cookie desires and get a taste of cookie perfection!


Q: Where is Tiana’s bakery located?

A: Tiana’s flagship bakery is located at 123 Cookie Lane in the town of Bakersville. This is where all the cookies are baked fresh daily.

Q: How long do the cookies stay fresh for?

A: Tiana’s cookies stay fresh for up to 5 days when stored properly in an airtight container. The heat-sealed packaging helps lock in softness.

Q: What is Tiana’s most popular cookie flavor?

A: The undisputed customer-favorite cookie from Tiana’s is the Chocolate Chunk, loaded with rich chocolatey goodness in every bite.

Q: Does Tiana’s offer gluten-free or vegan cookies?

A: Yes, Tiana’s has several gluten-free cookie options made with almond flour. There are also 2-3 vegan cookie varieties at any given time.

Q: When is the best time to order cookies for a gift?

A: We recommend ordering at least 2-3 days before you need the cookies to arrive to allow time for shipping. Order by 9am PST for same-day shipping.